Do you pray for, well, you?

Closeup portrait of a young woman praying


As women, as wives, moms, and grandmas, my hunch is that we are usually thinking of others – including when we pray.

Do you think of yourself when you pray?

(I mean your soul, not your circumstances).

Honestly, I enjoy praying for others. I often pray for my circumstances, but my own soul? Not as regularly. Recently I listened to an online message where the pastor reminded listeners that we are growing eternal souls, so we should ask for God to pour into them. We should pray for our own faith, our own healthy fear/respect of the Lord, our trust in the Lord, etc.

Circumstances will come and go in our lives. But if we focus on growing our own soul, we will be more effective (thanks to God) in any circumstance.

Today, I encourage you to sit with the Lord and lift up your own soul.

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