Pictures of Surrender


My baby fussed and arched his back as I strapped him into his car seat.

He was old enough to understand the routine – the car seat meant we were going someplace. He wasn’t old enough to understand my vocabulary.

I hoped he had grown to understand my tone of voice and facial expressions.
I would search his innocent eyes and with a mixture of tenderness and enthusiasm, I would say words like “be patient, this is going to be fun!” or “trust me, this really will be worth it!” or “it won’t be long until we arrive.”

He might resist a bit, but eventually surrender. He would grow content, looking at the colors zooming outside the window or taking advantage of the time to nap. He might arrive at our destination in 5 minutes or 2.5 hours. He never could predict.

He might arrive at the zoo, Grandma’s house, or our neighborhood Trader Joe’s.

Over time, he grew to trust my words and tone.

These memories surfaced as I fussed with God. I needed to surrender my plans.

Even now, as I search God’s Word, I know He is good. As I draw close to Him, He draws close to me and whispers to be patient, to trust. He doesn’t speak in audible words to my ears, so I can’t comprehend where we’re going or when we’ll get there, but when we do, I know it will be worth it. Meanwhile, I am content. I am willing to make the most of the time.

Have you ever surrendered a specific aspect of your life to God?

You may have surrendered a job hunt, a health issue, or a life dream.  If you’re a mom, you may have surrendered your children into God’s hands and plans.  You may have spent a significant amount of time on something but still surrendered the outcome to the Holy Spirit.

As followers of Jesus, we try to keep our hearts and our ways soft, pliable, willing.

“Willingness means learning to embrace a state of continuous surrender to the will of God…It’s the gateway to deeper levels of communion with God….It enables us to splash freely in the river of God’s sufficiency on a day-by-day, hour-by-hour, moment-by-moment basis. Willingness says ‘Whoopee!’ to the mystery of being alive in Christ.
“Two Trees, Two Selves”, Gary Moon

Over what areas of your life this week, do you need to let go and let God?


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