Fall fun.




When the leaves begin to drop and the temperature begins to cool, my kids begin to chat about going on ‘the great leaf hunt’.

The bags are gathered, the hot cocoa is made and we set off on a great adventure through the neighborhood. “Look at this pinecone, momma!” “No, look at this one!”. “This is the most beautiful leaf I have ever seen!” “This leaf, oh!”

And on it goes, until our bags are bursting and our cocoa is gone.

When we arrive home, we lay out all our treasures. The pinecones–so many! The leaves–arranged by color and size. The acorns, some big, some tiny! All beautiful gifts God has made.

We start to heat the wax and select the glitter. Dipping the leaves, they sizzle and pop. Once dry, a masterpiece is arranged and hung by string. Art work waiting for the daily thankful bits to be hung piece by piece.

These are the memories my daughters hold dear–the walk, the cocoa, the dipping in wax. For me, it’s all the days that come next: watching their hearts pour our gratitude for what God has poured into our lives. He is truly a Good Good Father.

Happy November.

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  1. Karen says:

    What a great idea!


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